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Zhou Shenghua_edited.jpg
Zhou Shenghua_edited.jpg

Portfolio I

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  • Muban Educational Trust Portfolio I

  • A set of 60 prints

  • Commissioned in 1998.  Published in 2003

  • 60 artists of all age groups 

  • Edition of 155 (90 sets are for sale) 

  • Print size varies, length and width within 90cm 

  • Print edition number varies within a set

  • Accompanied by a catalogue The Art of Contemporary Chinese Woodcuts

  • Unique opportunity to acquire 60 original woodblock prints by renowned Chinese artists

  • Collected by museums, institutions and private collectors 

  • Available 

  • £35000 per set 

Portfolio II

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  • Muban Educational Trust Portfolio II

  • A set of 18 prints

  • Commissioned in 2021

  • 18 China’s most accomplished young printmakers, all under 40

  • Prints range from single-block monochrome images to complex multi-block prints, using as many as 53 blocks

  • Edition of 60 (55 sets are for sale) 

  • All paper A2 size, image size varies

  • An accompanying catalogue will be published in 2022, it contains artists’ statements and judges’ comments, with many illustrations of the detailed printmaking processes, and will provide a deep understanding and appreciation of the Portfolio

  • Available 

  • £8800 per set 

He Sanqing 重生-成器1_60_edited.jpg
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