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An online exhibition hosted by the Chinese publisher Purple Heron in conjunction with the Muban Educational Trust, with the aim of promoting the Society of Wood Engravers (SWE) and wood engraving in China. Featuring 12 wood engravers: Neil Bousfield,  Harry Brockway,  Anne Desmet, Edwina Ellis,  Louise Hayward,  Pete Lawrence,  Angie Lewin,  Hilary Paynter,  Howard Phipps,  Sue Scullard,  Colin See-Paynton,  Geri Waddington.



The Society of Wood Engravers was founded in London 1920 by ten artists including Lucien Pissarro, Robert Gibbings, Gwen Raverat and Eric Gill. They were soon joined by others including Paul Gauguin, David Jones and Clare Leighton. Their aim, by producing engravings for both exhibition and as book illustrations, was to promote wood engraving as a unique art form, rescuing it from the reprographic method of producing images for print of the 19th century. The Society suffered in the 1960s and 70s from the decline in letterpress printing and the advance of colour screenprinting. But since its reforming in 1984, it has flourished and its Annual Exhibition attracts submissions from wood engravers worldwide. The SWE Centenary was celebrated in 2020 with a major exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

木口木刻家协会由十位艺术家于1920年在伦敦成立,他们包括卢西安·毕沙罗(Lucien Pissarro),罗伯特·吉本斯(Robert Gibbings),格温·拉芙拉特(Gwen Raverat)和埃里克·吉尔(Eric Gill)。不久之后,保罗·高更(Paul Gauguin),大卫·琼斯(David Jones)和克莱尔·莱顿(Clare Leighton)等艺术家的作品也在协会展出。此协会的目的是通过展览和书刊插图来促进木口木刻这一独特的艺术形式,将其从19世纪为印刷而复制图像的功用性中拯救出来。1960年代和70年代,彩色丝网印刷的发展带来了凸版印刷的衰微,木口木刻家协会也因此而一度困扰。1984年得以重组,之后它蓬勃发展,其年度展览吸引了全世界木口木刻家们的踊跃参加。2020年牛津大学阿什莫林博物馆(Ashmolean Museum)举行了大型展览来庆祝木口木刻家协会成立一百周年。

Exhibition date: 28 March - 31 May 2021 

展览日期: 2021年3月28日 - 5月31日

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WeChat: clzzgf

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Neil Bousfield
Harry Brockway
Anne Desmet
Edwina Ellis
Louise Hayward
Peter Lawrence
Angie Lewin
Hilary Paynter
Howard Phipps
Sue Scullard
Colin See-Paynton
Geri Waddington
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