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This is the first exhibition I’ve worked on with the Muban Educationl Trust (MET) and I’m grateful to everyone there for guidance and support. The Trustees and colleagues at the MET are all generous scholars, who enjoy sharing their expertise. Anne Farrer set me on the path to learning about prints years ago and brought me into Lu Xun’s Legacy. David Barker researched and compiled the catalogue. He has patiently explained, and explained again, the various techniques of cutting and colouring prints. He Weimin was our lifeline to various artists and their practices. Beth McKillop helped with venues and other practical issues. Frances Wood and John Constable read and corrected the texts. My sincere thanks to Christer von der Burg, for his academic and material support in all aspects of this project.

As to development and production, we gratefully acknowledge John McMillan’s work, designing and re-designing the catalogue with extraordinary patience and good humour. We are indebted to Francis Gerard for photographing all the prints. Zheng Haiyao project managed us all in her inimitable way, smoothing the administrative path; not to mention all those translation questions.

It has been a real pleasure working with colleagues at our exhibition venues. For their enthusiastic and insightful collaboration, we thank, especially, Kirsty MacNab, Ruthanne Baxter and Bianca Packham at the University of Edinburgh; Rachel Barclay and Gillian Ramsay at the Oriental Museum, Durham; and John Hollingworth and Joy Onyejiako at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

Finally, the MET gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Cynthia and John Koh, Bernard Quaritch Ltd. and Wang Panian.

Mary Ginsberg

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