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Born in Middlesbrough, grew up in Marske-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire and now lives on the North Norfolk coast. Studied at the University of the West of England, Bristol, gaining a Masters Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking in 2007. Elected member of the Society of Wood Engravers and Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE). Work held in public collections including the National Art Library, V&A Museum, the Ashmolean Museum, Pallant House Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, Ohio State University Libraries, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Shi, and the Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing, China.

出生于米德尔斯堡(Middlesbrough),在北约克郡海边小镇马斯克(Marske-by-the-Sea)长大,现住在北诺福克海岸。曾在布里斯托尔西英格兰大学(the University of the West of England)学习,2007年获得多学科版画硕士学位。当选为木口木刻师协会会员和皇家画家版画家协会(RE)会员。作品被公共收藏,包括国家艺术图书馆、维多利亚和埃尔伯特博物馆、阿什莫林博物馆、潘兰特画廊、曼彻斯特都会大学、俄亥俄州立大学图书馆、中国中央美术学院、南京江苏美术馆等。




Place and places are a vital component to activating and accessing histories, narratives, experiences, identities and meanings. These readings of place and places provide contexts for the creation of social values, communities, identities and new ways of thinking about conservation and landscape values. Hence spirit of place and sense of place are fundamental to our existence and relationship with the world around us and lie at the heart of my research and practice



I am interested in how landscape and locations become important to us - how places we have never lived in before become our homes and how we create attachments and become rooted to a place. The North Norfolk coast holds many stories which inform a sense of place but perhaps more importantly speak of humanity’s relationship between the land and the sea. When considering sea-level rise, this quiet stretch of coast holds stories of global significance.

我感兴趣的是风景和地点如何成为我们的重要组成部分—我们从未居住过的地方如何成为我们的家,我们如何对一个地方产生依恋并扎根于此。北诺福克(The North Norfolk)海岸拥有许多故事,它们传达了一种地方感,但也许更重要的是讲述了人类与陆地和海洋之间的关系。当考虑到海平面上升时,这片宁静的海岸线蕴含着具有全球意义的故事。

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