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Born in 1951. Attended art college, gaining a degree in Illustration. Worked freelance and for the University of Bristol before moving to Oxford in 1978. Book designer and then Managing Director of Oxford Designers & Illustrators till retirement in 2013. Began wood engraving in 1990, elected a member of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1998, was Designer for the Society 1998–2020 and Chairman from 2006 to 2011. Awarded the Rachel Reckitt Open Prize three times. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE). Prints held in the collections of the Ashmolean Museum, the V&A Museum, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Heilongjiang Museum of Art.

出生于1951年。就读于艺术学院,获得插画专业学位。1978年移居牛津之前,曾在布里斯托尔大学从事自由职业和工作。从事书籍设计师工作,并担任牛津设计师和插画家公司的总经理,直到2013年退休。1990年开始木口木刻版画创作,1998年当选为木口木刻家协会会员,1998-2020年任协会设计师,2006-2011年任主席。三次获得Rachel Reckitt公开奖。当选为英国皇家画家版画家协会(RE)会员。版画作品被阿什莫林博物馆、维多利亚与艾尔伯特博物馆、曼彻斯特都会大学和黑龙江美术馆收藏。




After spending 35 years as a book designer and illustrator, working for publishers, I decided that my wood engravings (as well as my paintings and collages) would be for my own satisfaction, free of outside constraints. Of course, wood engraving imposes its own restrictions, requiring discipline, patience and a certain level of technique to produce satisfactory results. My prints fall into three main categories – ‘abstract’, ‘collages’ and ‘artists’.




The desire to produce abstract engravings came as a surprise to me – oddly there are few precedents in the history of engraving. These are really ‘pure’ design, using the same graphic design skills but stripped of an obvious function.

创作抽象版画的愿望让我感到惊讶--奇怪的是,在木刻史上鲜有先例。这些真的是 "纯粹 "的设计,使用同样的平面设计技巧,但去掉了明显的功能性。


As an illustrator, I enjoyed drawing in different styles to suit the context. By creating engravings that look like collages, I am able to do something unusual and combine a range of styles in one composition, often made up of several blocks. Breaking away from the single rectangle enables me to create larger, shaped prints.



Finally, there are prints that relate to or reference other artists, often with humour.


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