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Born in 1963. Based in northeast Scotland. I studied printmaking at Central School of Art and Design and Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. Working in wood engraving, linocut and silkscreen, I was elected to the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 2006, the Society of Wood Engravers in 2008 and the Royal Watercolour Society in 2016. Alongside exhibiting my prints, I design fabrics and wallpapers for St Jude’s which I co-founded in 2005 and am also an illustrator. My prints are held in the collections of the Ashmolean Museum, the V&A and Pallant House Gallery. In 2010 Angie Lewin – Plants and Places was published by Merrell.

出生于1963年。居住在苏格兰东北部。我曾在中央圣马丁学院和坎伯韦尔学院学习版画。从事木口木刻、凸版和丝网版画的创作,我于2006年当选为皇家画家版画家协会会员,2008年当选为木口木刻家协会会员,2016年当选为皇家水彩画协会会员。在展出我的版画的同时,我还为圣裘德工作坊(St Jude’s)设计布料和壁纸,这个工作坊创办于2005年。我也是一名插画家。我的版画被阿什莫林博物馆(Ashmolean Museum)、维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆(V&A)和Pallant House画廊收藏。2010年,我的画册《植物与场景》Angie Lewin - Plants and Places由Merrell出版社出版。





My work is based on the native flora of landscapes where I spend my time walking and sketching. I’m attracted to less significant species, those that might easily be overlooked but which define the environment where they are to be found, for example, the lichens and birch trees of northeast Scotland or the horned poppies and sea pinks of the north Norfolk coastline. I sit on the ground to draw so that I can closely observe how stems twist and interlock or holes and notches in leaves created by insects. I collect seedheads, feathers and pebbles on my walks to use as reference, along with my sketches, back in my studio. I’m increasingly depicting garden species too, again observing in close detail, not aiming for botanical accuracy but trying to capture the essence of each plant. I collect old ceramics for my still life compositions, and my studio shelves are full of pots of seedheads and feathers which I’ll use as the starting point for a wood engraving.



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