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Born 1943 in Dunfermline, Scotland. National Diploma in Design (Sculpture and Wood Engraving) from Portsmouth College of Art; MA and MSc Psychology from London University. Parallel careers in wood engraving and Special Needs education for 30 years until becoming a full-time artist in 2000.  Revived the then moribund Society of Wood Engravers in early 1980s.

1943年生于苏格兰邓弗姆林。朴茨茅斯艺术学院(Portsmouth College of Art)设计(雕塑和木口木刻)国家文凭;伦敦大学(London University)心理学双硕士学位。在2000年成为全职艺术家之前,她同时从事木口木刻和特需教育工作30年。 1980年代初,帮助恢复当时奄奄一息的木口木刻协会。


President, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers 2006 - 2011

Chairman, Society of Wood Engravers 1999 – 2006

Monograph Full Circle published 2010



2010年出版画册《回到起点》Full Circle


Work in collections including Heilongjiang Museum of Art, China; Ashmolean Museum; Fitzwilliam Museum; Laing Art Gallery; Victoria & Albert Museum; Yale Collection of British Art.

作品被许多艺术馆收藏,包括中国黑龙江美术馆阿什莫林博物馆(Ashmolean Museum)、菲茨威廉博物馆(Fitzwilliam Museum)、莱恩艺术馆(Laing Art Gallery)、维多利亚与阿尔伯特博物馆(Victoria & Albert Museum)、耶鲁英国艺术收藏(Yale Collection of British Art)。




I like to work directly onto the block having refined my designs mentally. My ideas range widely to include landscape and socio-political comment. I often have several blocks in progress and have developed rapid engraving techniques. I listen to stories while I work, which keeps me focused. Recently, I have been making large wood engraving collages.


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