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Born in 1954. Studied Painting and Printmaking at the College of Art in Cheltenham 1971-75. Worked as a teacher in Devon, moving to Salisbury in 1980. Makes wood engravings for exhibition, but has also illustrated a number of books, including three of his own, for the Whittington Press. Elected a member of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1985, and a Royal West of England Academician (RWA) in 1979. Prints held in the collections of the British Museum, Ashmolean Museum, the V&A Museum, Dorset County Museum, Manchester Metropolitan University, Yale Centre for British Art, USA, and the Heilongjiang Museum of Art, China.

出生于1954年。1971-75年在切尔滕纳姆的艺术学院学习绘画和版画。曾在德文郡当老师,1980年搬到索尔兹伯里(Salisbury)。除了创作可供展览的木口木刻版画外,也为惠廷顿出版社(Whittington Press)绘制许多书籍插图,其中包括他自己的三本书。1985年被选为木口木刻家协会会员,1979年被选为皇家西英格兰院士(RWA)。木口木刻版画被大英博物馆、阿什莫林博物馆、维多利亚和埃尔伯特博物馆、多塞特郡博物馆、曼彻斯特都会大学、美国耶鲁英国艺术中心、中国黑龙江美术馆等收藏。




Much of my art is rooted in the chalk hills of Wiltshire and Dorset close to where I live in Southern England. Ancient trackways and striking hill forms draw my eye – timeless places on which earlier generations have left their mark. I make large drawings and paintings on location, and when I develop my studies into wood engravings I like to use the fall of light to reveal the underlying sculpture of the land. Wood engraving is often described as drawing with light, since each incision with the tools on a pre-blackened wood block gradually reveals the design through lines and textures.


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